Halloweenist 🎃, Haul-o-Ween 🦇

Haul-o-Ween: One

There’s something liberating about seeing all these material representations of the darkly immaterial out in the open and ready for mass consumption. Those of us who are kissed by the void find solace and comfort in the darkness. We know it intimately as a part of our own selves. For us, Halloween is a collective celebration of that darker aspect which makes us whole. That might be one reason why we rush out to collect all the ghoulish trinkets capitalism offers.

Enough philosophical analysis! It’s time for the goods! This is the first haul of many to come. In fact, I already have another set of shopping bags filled with spoopy items.

 🎃 Barnes & Noble (Campus Bookstore) 💀


My lovely significant other came across the Tarot Coloring Book and he knew it was something I just had to have. I haven’t begun working with it yet. However, imagine the bonding possibilities with each card.

In one of those winks from the divine, I found an ornate edition of Gray’s Anatomy. It was such a coincidence because I had just downloaded a PDF of the 1914 edition for its vintage aesthetic.

I came across the Disney Villains coloring book and after flipping through it, I felt my creativity twitch. There are several things I want to do with the completed pages after they provide their initial zen service.

Finding the Sugar Skull Stress Ball was a nice surprise. It was something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Currently, it’s being put to good use at the office.

While sifting through the clearance section of all places, I found the Happy Haunting box sign. It wasn’t very “clearance” at all! I think it was marked down from $14 to $11.

🎃 Tuesday Morning 💀


Most of their Halloween stuff was out already. I got the Alchemy Shoppe wall hanging to go with Gray’s Anatomy from the bookstore.

Below that is the BEST NAPKIN YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! 😂 Admit it. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet. Any ideas?

🎃 PetSmart 💀


There were a few things out at my PetSmart, including some pumpkin spice Greenies! I decided to spare my little furry boil the pumpkin spice frenzy and picked him up these toys instead.

🎃 Ross 💀


So, you can’t really see it, but there’s a decanter back there. In this household, it didn’t last very long in its packaging.

Ross has a line of dark spoopiness which includes this bat doorknocker!

🎃 Dollar Tree 💀


Don’t you just love all the gaudy, glittery Halloween decor at Dollar Tree?! I find that I’ll gravitate towards the more traditionally tacky stuff as Halloween gets closer. The more elegant pieces I pick up elsewhere stay out year-round, but these gems are just pure October.

🎃 WalMart 💀


Scents are so very important to me! I’m waiting on all the waxes and candles to start showing up in their full glory. These will tide me over for now.

That concludes my first haul of the season. I just went out again this weekend and there was much more Halloween around! There are many more hauls to come!